En Casa Xabi, se come, se bebe, se ama

Indulge in the taste of Basque Country at Casa Xabi, where traditional Basque dishes take on a contemporary twist.

Meet the Chef

Meet Chef Xabi, the culinary maestro behind Casa Xabi. With roots in San Sebastian, a city renowned for its gastronomic wonders, Chef Xabi has been shaped by the vibrant food culture that surrounds him.

Driven by a deep love for his hometown and its iconic tapas and pintxos scene, Chef Xabi believes that food is a celebration of culture itself. Inspired by his culinary adventures and enriched by his travels, he has carefully crafted a menu that fuses the timeless traditions of San Sebastian with his own imaginative twists.

At Casa Xabi, Chef Xabi’s dream becomes a reality — a place where food becomes an experience, and every guest becomes part of the Casa Xabi family. With every dish, Chef Xabi aims to transport guests to the heart of Basque Country, igniting their taste buds with flavors that tell stories of heritage and passion.


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